Coco Tusker (Pvt.) Ltd is an associate company of Tropicoir Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. With an annual turnover in excess of US$25million and a workforce in excess of 1500, Tropicoir has steadily evolved over the last 2 decades to be a leading provider of advanced solutions for Horticulture, Home & Garden, pet care & environment technologies. The same expertise is extended to Coco Tusker (Pvt.) Ltd. Which is the food arm of the group.

Coco Tusker (Pvt.) Ltd is new, but the strategy has been to attract employees with a proven track record in the food industry. Hence knowledge and expertise of its employees is an aspect that the company has acquired in order to stay ahead of the competition.

We have also taken steps to tie up with coconut cultivators and collectors which accounts for in excess of 6000 acres of coconut land which the company has direct access to.

The company has promoted (CSR) a coconut growing program in the north of the country in order to further facilitate a coconut growing region in the north as well. By doing so Sri Lanka will not only have a specific region such as the coconut triangle but will extend the boundaries to other parts of the country as well.