Organic & Conventional COCONUT MILK

“The two basic items necessary to sustain life is sunshine and coconut milk.” – Dustin Hoffman

Coconut milk is the rich, creamy white liquid extracted from the grated flesh of mature coconuts. It should not be confused with coconut water which is found inside immature coconuts. Coconut milk is rich in healthy fats. As it contains medium chain fatty acids coconut milk is thought to be a healthier source fat taken as part of a healthy diet. Coconut milk is an integral part of many South Asian and South East Asian dishes.

Our coconut milk is naturally processed in Sri Lanka without preservatives or chemical additives. Our premium coconut milk makes an excellent non-dairy substitute for cow’s milk.


Coconut Milk is used widely in curries and various types of cuisine. It is a fantastic alternative to dairy and can be used as a drink on its own or added to other hot and cold beverages.

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