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At Coco Tusker (Pvt) Ltd we deal with all coconut and related products manufactured in Sri Lanka. Our commitment is to supply the world with the finest quality products which are certified organic or conventionally produced.

We operate within a clean, green, sustainable planet friendly framework.

Our products are guaranteed 100% naturally processed and free of artificial flavours or preservatives.

We use the most up to date technology in our state-of-the-art manufacturing plants to ensure that our products maintain the highest quality throughout the production process.

A professionally qualified production team is our company’s strongest asset as we continue to expand and respond to the demands and challenges of a growing market.

In addition to our own products we offer a wide range of ancillary services such as packing private labels as well as shipping in bulk thus creating opportunities of growth to our partners.
All our manufacturing plants are BRC, ISO22000, HACCP and GMP certified.

We ensure that our products are of the finest quality and the best value your money can buy!

“A blend of tradition and innovation

to give you the best of nature

Coco tusker is a brand from the tropical island of Sri Lanka, famed for its golden beaches lined with lush green coconut palms. A miracle fruit the coconut has many healing properties, contributing to better health, beautiful skin, beautiful hair and many other desired benefits.

The Coconut in Sri Lanka is unique, fresh, rich and with milky white flesh. Sri Lanka is celebrated for its flora and fauna offering beauty and nature at its best. Amongst the fantastic beasts is the majestic Tusker elephant that embodies strength and superiority. Our innovation and technology offers the best techniques of bringing you everything and more that you need from a product that will add value to your life. Thus we offer you an epitome of purity, nature, heritage and innovation in one brand ‘Coco Tusker’


“Dedicated to making a positive impact by being the most innovative, dependable food company through our professional care, culture and sincere dealings with all stakeholders”


“All levels of the organization will be geared to achieve the highest quality, customer care and shareholder value. Results will be measured through transparent objectives, execution to achieve those objectives through proactive management.”

“Strategic Quality management

As a reliable global supplier, our company takes pride in satisfying our customers, by continuously improving the production processes and enhancing the quality of our products. By doing so we stay ahead of our competitors.

We always consider that quality assurance is an important part of our business. Therefore, we implement strict quality control procedures at every stage of our production line and operation process.

At Coco Tusker (Pvt) Ltd we have maintained ourselves with no major non-conformances on our entire product range which is evident through all our quality certification systems.

As a commitment to this process, we maintain stringent quality control systems, using modern quality improvement tools and continuous process improvements.